February 16, 2010

london calling

Red Public Phone Boxes - Covent Garden, London, England - Thursday September Thirteenth 2007
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G and I are just finishing up a week in London, fittingly stranded in our tiny hotel room due to the pouring rain.  The Brits are experiencing the worst winter in 30 years and this is the worst weather I've seen in all my trips to London. 

Oh well, all the more time to spend in the pubs and gorgeous food halls of the British capital!  Unfortunately I can't share my pics until I get home but trust me when I say that, for a city with a sometimes dodgy culinary history, London has more than its fair share of incredible markets.

Borough Market, London's oldest retail market, has operated from its present location in Southwark for at least 250 years.  It is a vibrant retail market just across the Thames from London's bustling financial district and boasts an impressive array of foods - just about anything you can wish for is to be found here.  While you're there, check out the location for Bridget Jones' flat!

Even more ancient is the Smithfield meat market where meat has been traded for 800 years!  Still a bustling wholesale market, Smithfield provisions some of London's finest establishments. Opening at 4am, there are a number of local pubs that keep market hours, serving a pint and full English breakfast for the market crowd. Should you find yourself in the vicinity at that hour, legend has it that, crossing the field next to the market, alone and in the early morning, you may encounter the ghost of one of the local inhabitants.

Well, I'm off to brave the rain in search of a sticky toffee pudding and a pint to say farewell to London Town!