October 29, 2010

changing history over tea and cake

It is thanks to the Famous Five that I am a person.

Tired of being treated as second class citizens, in 1927 five intrepid Canadian women (including the British Empire's first female judge) decided they'd had enough.   

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Canada's first constitutional challenge relating to women's rights, the Persons Case, was fashioned over tea with date and nut loaf on Judge Emily Murphy's porch.  It was this case which resulted in women finally being declared persons in 1929.

Today the women's achievements are commemorated in Persons Day celebrations across the country, in the Famous Five monument on Parliament Hill, and on the $50 bill.  

Judge Murphy's recipe for date and nut loaf was memorialized for posterity by the Edmonton Bulletin - should you care to give it a try you can find it here.

Famous Five Monument (Ottawa)

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  1. What a beautiful monument! Thanks for sharing this important legacy.