May 27, 2010

chocolate blackout

Just the other day I wrote about balance and today I'm on about a chocolate bomb. Some might call me a hypocrite but I would beg to differ - there is no yin without yang, no good without evil - and it's all about balancing equal and opposite qualities. Besides, I'm too deep in my chocolate coma to really care.

Cook's Country Chocolate Blackout Cake is unquestionably the most intense chocolate cake I've ever had, let alone made, with 2 layers of moist chocolate cake sandwiching dark chocolate pudding.  The same pudding covers the entire cake and is then covered by a final layer of shaggy cake crumbs.  Truly to die for.

According to Cook's Country, "blackout cake got its name from the blackout drills performed by the Civilian Defense Corps during World War II.  When the navy sent its ships to sea from the Brooklyn Navy Yard, the streets of the borough were "blacked out" to avoid silhouetting the battleships against the cityscapes of Brooklyn and Manhattan.  The cake was so named because of its darkly chocolate - practically black - appearance."

A romantic story or brilliant marketing (weren't sugar and chocolate rationed during the war?), we're still talking about it decades after the cake was made famous by Ebinger's bakery in Brooklyn, becoming the stuff of legend when the bakery closed, bankrupt, in the early 1970's.  According to internet lore, the Ebinger recipes have been kept under lock and key all these years but that hasn't discouraged countless fans who have been trying to recreate the recipe ever since.

While I can't attest to the authenticity of the Cook's Country recipe it's a great chocolate cake and, in my humble opinion, an important part of a balanced diet.


  1. Okay forget what I said about planning to eat better.I am salivating and willing to risk insulin shock for this masterpiece. Yummy!!!!

  2. Bad for the hips, but looks very delicious! Want to stick a fork in it right now! :)