March 13, 2010

london's fabulous food halls

One of my absolute favourite things to do in London is to visit its spectacular markets and food purveyors.

I've already mentioned Borough Market and Smithfields but I would be remiss if I didn't also mention the food halls at Harrods and (heavenly) Fortnum & Mason.

From the freshest produce, artfully displayed... a veritable forest of mushrooms of every type aand description.

And, for the ardent carnivore, carcasses aplenty.

And all of that is just a fraction of what is available - I haven't even touched on the rows of cases of cheeses, deli meats, pies, sandwiches...

... the finest teas...

... and coffees...

...stunning confectionary...

... and some cute chicks!


  1. Oh, I couldn't agree with your more! Thanks for the photos!

  2. Harrods was sooo much fun. I could have just stayed in the food halls and just ignored the other floors of the store.

    I was even impressed that so many of the 'lesser' stores have great food halls. Selfridges for example.