September 18, 2009

presto pasta night #131 roundup

I am absolutely thrilled to be hosting Presto Pasta Night for the first time and it was so much fun to meet so many wonderful fellow food bloggers. As usual, we have a great array of pasta recipes this week so, without further ado, I will leave you to find some inspiration for your weekend menu!

1. First up is Tea and Scones, encouraging us to eat more chicken by making chicken marsala this week. As a bonus, she also made buttermilk baps with fresh oregano and basil to sop up even more of that wonderful sauce.

2. Deborah of What's In My Kitchen made pasta with shrimp in tomato cream sauce. It may have taken her a little longer to make than she had planned but it looks as though it was worth the wait!

3. Little Corner of Mine was inspired to combine two everyday ingredients to create Special Peanut Butter & Ketchup Noodle for her family's Friday noodle night. I'm sure that there were a lot of happy faces around that table when she served up this winning combination.

4. Mrs Erg├╝l is a fellow fan of aglio olio pasta and served it up with a twist this week, adding flank steak, veggies and some heat in this beautiful beef aglio olio pasta dish.

5. Next up is a gorgeous lasagne with pumpkin and cilantro cream from radha of Urban bites: delizie da Hong Kong, chronicling the adventures of an Italian in Hong Kong. This is a perfect dish for those crisp autumn days which are just around the corner.

6. Val of More Than Burnt Toast gives us her orzo pasta salad which looks deliciously cool and refreshing, perfect for hot summer days and makes me nostalgic for the summer that never was (at least this year here in Toronto).

7. There's nothing like eating seasonal and, with her zucchini carbonara, Joanne of Eats Well With Others gives us a novel way to use the zucchini that seem to pop up everywhere this time of year.

8. Using more seasonal vegetables, Mansi of Twist to the Taste made a lovely late-summer pasta salad featuring tomatoes, corn and bell peppers. As she says, this dish is perfect for a picnic.

9. SnoWhite of Finding Joy in My Kitchen made a roasted red pepper and tortellini bake this week. Roasted red peppers always signal the end of summer to me and this is another perfect dish for those cool autumn nights.

10. Kait of Pots and Plots used her favourite gourmet chicken sausage in her penne with roasted garlic and mozzarella sausage. Makes me wish we had a Sam's Club in Toronto so I could try some!
11. Deb in Hawaii from Kahakai Kitchen brings us rigatoni with buffalo meatballs from her "beach kitchen". Deb likes buffalo as it's grass-fed, lean and delicious - a great alternative to beef.

12. Kristine of My Sweet Cheap Life relied on her Sweetie to finish her poppyseed pappardelle with mushroom-sweet pepper ragout while she shared a pint and onion rings with a friend. In the interests of full disclosure, I am that friend and, had I known that she had such a tempting dish on the stove, I would have invited myself over to her place for dinner instead!

13. Amy of Very Culinary shares her creamy fusilli with mushrooms and asiago. It may not have been non-dairy or low cal but sometimes a girl just needs to splurge and what a great way to do it!

14. A different twist on creamy pasta from HoneyB of The Life and Loves of Grumpy's Honeybunch: creamy shrimp and bacon linguini. Hard to believe that this luscious dish doesn't contain any cream!

15. Another great baked pasta: Sweet and Savory took her inspiration from a herb and parmesan baked potato and created a "potatoes turned pasta" dish.

16. Little Inbox of Eating Pleasure's contribution to this week's roundup are braised yee-fu noodles. Also known as yee mein, yee-fu are egg noodles that are deep fried and Little Inbox paired them with chicken, prawns and fish balls for a tempting treat.

17. Kristin over at Sogkonnite Living made stained glass pasta from scratch using fresh lime basil, one of her very favourite herbs of all time. I've never heard of lime basil but I am tempted to go out and try some right now.

18. And finally a dish contributed by yours truly: spaghetti with oven-roasted tomatoes and garlic from one of my pasta idols, Biba Caggiano. The roasted tomatoes are so sweet I've been popping them like candy all week.

Thank you Ruth for the opportunity to host this week's Presto Pasta Night and thank you everyone for participating in this week's roundup and for making my first hosting experience so much fun. I hope to see you next week when Sara of I'm a Food Blog will be hosting.


  1. These all look so tasty! I'm off to check them out.

  2. Terrific roundup and I can't believe I didn't send in my pasta dish this week! I was so busy getting ready for Jewish New Year Holiday that I had no least no time to write about it.

    Thanks for doing such a great job hosting this week.

  3. Another fantastic PPN round-up. Love being a part of it!

  4. All those beautiful pasta dishes to try.

    Great Roundup.

  5. great roundup! thanks for hosting :-)

  6. What a superb round up! Thanks for presenting so many lovely varieties.

  7. Great job from you, I aim to try out some of them. :)

  8. I am hungry now! This is a great round up of pasta dishes. Thanks for sharing and hosting.



  9. Excellent job on the round up, there were so many entries! Everything looks delicious, great job ladies (and hubbys)! Have a great weekend!

  10. Beautiful job with the round-up Sweet. So many recipes top try and not enough hours in the day. Hope your weekend is relaxing:D

  11. Thanks for inviting me,and thanks for the pint! Aren't you an honest one for fessing up that you were the temptress who lured me away from my cooking duties!

  12. Thanks for doing the Presto Pasta Night and what a fantastic roundup! Have to go feast on the pastas now. :)

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