June 19, 2009

5 unnecessary unitaskers

I love kitchen gadgets and have spent many hours browsing kitchen stores for the latest and greatest. You can imagine then that I am not opposed to kitchen unitaskers on principle but, given that real estate is very limited in my kitchen, gadgets definitely have to justify their existence or very quickly find their way to the Goodwill box.

1. Onion goggles

You've probably seen these by now - they have appeared in just about every cooking show and food publication over the last couple of years. The goggles are designed to prevent tears when cutting onions and by all accounts they definitely do the trick.

Don't want no more of the crying game? Onion goggles may be for you but frankly I think it would take me longer to find them in my cluttered kitchen than to wipe away the tears.

2. Mini hibachi grill

This mini hibachi grill operates with cooking fuel but, at only 4.5" in height and 3.5" in diameter, it's not entirely clear what you will be grilling with this thing.

Have an insatiable urge to make tableside s'mores? Go for it but I'm more likely to set fire to the dining room table and prefer my marshmallows roasted on a stick fireside in the bush so I'll take a pass on this one.

3. Banana guard

The banana guard is a plastic container aimed at "preventing the tragedy of bruised bananas". Apparently the banana's thick skin, while sufficient to protect the fruit on its journey halfway around the world, doesn't do an adequate job protecting it in our lunch bags.

If you regularly beat up your fruit then maybe. But for the rest of us? Get real.

4. Egg Separator

There are thousands of models out there but the concept is always the same: crack an egg into the well and the whites run out the sides while the yolk stays in its cradle.

If you want a cute kitchen friend like Yolky here I get it but as far as I'm concerned he's purely decorative. Myself, I will stick with the old-fashioned method of separating eggs using their shells -it's way faster, works better and there is one less gadget to wash!

5. Lettuce knife

The plastic lettuce knife is designed to cut lettuce - apparently the plastic serrated edge avoids browning.

Newsflash: tearing lettuce accomplishes the same thing.

What about you? What are your top useless unitaskers?


  1. I want a pair of onion goggles pronto! It prevents tears and provides a fashionable look. That's two functions!

  2. OK so don't laugh at me but I got those exact kitchen goggles (same colour and everything) for Christmas last year and I wear them every time I cut onions. I look like such a loser but they are the only thing that seem to work. I consider them one of my most used kitchen gadgets! I also have the banana carrier but I am thinking of giving it to the homeless man downtown that tries to hold me up with a banana and saying "give me all your money" while pointing the banana in my face.

  3. LOL Coco Bean! What can I say, I'm an old fashioned girl when it comes to gadgets!