February 28, 2009

Buttermilk waffles

Waffles and maple syrup on a cold and dreary February morning.  I ask you, is there anything better?

I was always a pancake girl but my mother recently gave me her old waffle iron and I finally took it out for a test run.  As you can see from my photo my waffles were slightly misshapen (I need to add more batter next time) but absolutely delicious.

The recipe I used is for buttermilk waffles from the The America's Test Kitchen Family Cookbook(I don't think I have mentioned my obsession with America's Test Kitchen yet.  More about that in a future post).

The recipe called for a few basic ingredients but required that the eggs be separated and the whites whipped to stiff peaks.  I almost went with a different recipe because the thought of washing my mixer bowl and attachments first thing in the morning seemed like too much of a chore.  

In the end I decided to channel my inner Martha (who also extols the virtues of beating the whites separately by the way) and was handsomely rewarded for my efforts.  The waffles were perfect with maple syrup (the real stuff from Québec bien sûr).

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