February 23, 2009

Le Pain Quotidien

With much fanfare Le Pain Quotidien opened an outlet in Toronto's financial district last year.  Unfortunately it closed abruptly at the end of the day on Friday - without any notice and apparently for good.  

I don't know how the other locations in the city are faring but this one always seemed to be deserted and the general consensus is that the food was mediocre and overpriced. With all of the high-end lunch places that have sprung up in the downtown core in recent years, the fact that LPQ could still induce sticker shock in jaded Bay Street path rats says a lot!  

LPQ seems to be a successful franchise and has outlets in Europe and the US. Just what does this say about Torontonians - are we discerning or just cheap? Or is it a sign that the global financial crisis is finally starting to hit home (and our wallets)? 


  1. I agree with "the food was mediocre and overpriced" part and probably it is the reason its locations are usually deserted as well.

  2. I've ordered the same salads at LPQ in Toronto as I'd previously had at NY locations and they weren't nearly as good. I thought the food would be exactly the same (the prices are comparable to NY locations) but it's not.

    Having said that I'm sad to see the financial dist location close. It was a good place to pick up a salad before catching the VIA train.